Camotes Island

Summer 2014, my birth season and the beaches are calling us. As a part of my birthday celebration, we agreed to go on a small adventure trip out of the busy city. It has also been a while that we haven’t treated ourselves with what we call relaxation. Upon searching for a place to go […]



Cafe’ Namoo

It was a gloomy Saturday afternoon, got no work so what else is better to do than to eat, of course I got my love with me. We agreed to eat outside and at the newly opened commercial center, that is at City Time Square along Mantawi Avenue, North Reclamation Area, Subangdaku Mandaue City (or […]

Mooshi Manju Korean Cake

Small but terrible, that’s the best description I could ever come up with this mini Korean cake. With a size just like your thumb it would already make an explosion in your mouth once the filling in the center pops in. The cake or should I say the batter is in itself a treat because […]

Mooshi Manju Korean Cake

Ice Castle Menu Cover

Ice Castle at JCentre Mall

Ice Castle by far is one of the halo-halo bar I grew up with until it became as a restaurant. Their specialty is mainly on the unbeatable halo-halo. Halo-halo is a Filipino dessert made up of shaved ice, topped with tropical fruits (banana, coconut meat, ube halaya, red beans, nata de coco, kaong, mango, peaches, […]

Malunggay Shot from Mooshi

Malunggay or Moringa oleifera is a green leafy vegetable widely known for its numerous nutritional benefits either being eaten or to simply heal wounds. One time my boyfie asked me if we could drop by at Mooshi to grab some malunnggay shot since he wasn’t feeling good at that time. We bought this shot for […]

Mooshi's Malunggay Shot

Ube Hopia (filling)

Ube Hopia from Goldilocks

Purple yam or locally called in the Philippines as Ube (pronounced as “oobe”) is a divine flavor that graces the devouring world of Filipino desserts. It is basically a root crop that can be used in main dishes or better yet for sweets. The ube crop is harvested almost all year round. When peeled, it […]

Baked Scallops from STK ta Bay!

Sweet, buttery, tender scallops are such a heaven in my palate. They may be tiny white meat from the sea but their taste is humungous. One of my favorite baked scallops here in Cebu is the one from STK ta Bay! though other restaurants also offer that dish. Baked scallops are cooked with butter on […]

Baked Scallops

ELF's Beauty Must Haves

Elf’s Beauty Book (Night Edition)

To be fierce and fab, that’s what girls usually aim for. So they start in eye make-up makeover. One time me and my lovey strolled in the mall to check for make-ups as I was filling out my tools to help me hone my skills on this craft. A sales lady from Watsons Ayala offered […]

Lansiao from Matias Barbeque

I have always been a great try-er when it comes to food. I am not picky so whatever that comes to the table I eat it. My father and my uncle influenced me a lot in food- exotic food, until it became my fascination. There’s this famous dish in Cebu that the penis of the […]



Gyoza from Rai-Rai Ken

Japanese version of a Chinese dumpling. This little fella is a small but terrible one (in a good way). I am still figuring out what the meat inside is but based on my research it is ground pork seasoned with a lot of secret spices which contributes greatly to the taste it gives once you […]